New Book by Dann Farrelly




Kingdom Culture: Living the Values that Disciple Nations



Dann Farrelly has been on staff at Bethel Church since 1991, serving as the Associate Pastor, the head of Biblical Studies, and the Dean of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.




"Kingdom Culture will be a game changer for many. Within each subject, the process of study has been thought through so intentionally..."


"Dann Farrelly has been one of my dearest friends since 1997, and I can honestly say that he has deeply processed and lived out the truths he presents in Kingdom Culture..."




Loving on Purpose | Sacramento, CA

"Dann Farrelly is a long-standing voice of trust and reason. His love for Scripture and deep theological review have brought flash points of revelational teaching into biblical accountability. This book will help you both understand and present many of the supernatural themes and practices enjoyed at Bethel Church. I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to better understand a supernatural culture."


Jesus Culture | Sacramento, CA

"I can think of no one better than Dann Farrelly to write on such a crucial subject as the values of the Kingdom. Dann has been at the forefront of building a culture that reflects heaven in the context of both a local community and city. When we better understand the values of the Kingdom, we are more effective in creating a culture where healthy and impactful fruit grows. If you have a heart to see a Kingdom culture established, this book will help guide you on that journey."


Awakening Europe

"For me, Dann is a hero. His love for God’s truth to be accurately displayed has inspired me since the first day I met him. As an attendee of BSSM, I clearly remember Dann staying behind after every session to answer all our curious and often crazy questions about 'what God meant when He said...' in the Bible. I'm so thankful for Dann's example and how he and the Bethel leadership team don't allow their revelations to stop at just the learning level. They take it where it belongs – into daily living! That is exactly what you get when you read this book. You will discover where the nature of Jesus is demonstrated in you, and also find powerful grace from the Holy Spirit to fill the areas you may be lacking in."


Grace Center | Franklin, TN

“More than a workbook, more than a study guide, this is a tactical field manual for fighting the good fight! This book is packed with nuggets of truth (each backed by Scripture), activations that have been carefully written to help you apply those truths in your life, and reflections for you to use in your devotions. This is a fantastic resource for discipleship and growing in Christ, no matter where you are in your walk with God. Dann is one of the finest Bible teachers we know. He has a scholar's mind, a brilliant comedic wit, and a gentle, encouraging heart. All of this makes his teaching very accessible to everyone. Having lived in a revival culture for over 20 years, Dann is uniquely qualified to write this book.”



Bethel Leaders Network presents an interactive, community-based course that will take you through an exploration of the biblical truths that have enabled Bethel to sustain individual and corporate revival.


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